Why I Hate the Summer

I haven’t been a fan of the summer for years now and I will probably hate the summer until I’m done with school.


Reasons why I hate the summer:

#1: Summer vacation is too long

Yes, I’m aware that I probably sound mental for saying that summer vacation is long, but it  Iends up being two months of nothingness. I barely have anything to do during the summer, other than summer homework (yes, it exists). Two months is a LONG time to do nothing. I don’t know how everyone doesn’t go crazy.

#2: The weather

Alright, the weather isn’t that frustrating when it comes to the summer, but where I live there are two temperatures: really freaking cold, and really freaking hot. There is no in between.

#3: Lack of School

I personally enjoy school. I like to study and learn and although a break from it is nice, I don’t need over two months to rest my brain. Learning a little more about various subjects every day makes me happy. I guess I could take summer classes, but they tend to be more intense than fun.

I just really want to learn, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

#4: Boredom

Back to #1, I have nothing to do during the summer, other than wallow in my own thoughts, which leads to a lot of boredom. The problem with my boredom is that I’m never really inspired to do anything when I get bored, which means that I’ll basically just be watching TV and scrolling through various social media while I could be going outside and doing something remotely fun and productive.

#5: Existential Crises

When I am bored, I tend to question the meaning of life and I inevitably come to the conclusion that my life has no purpose other than to grow up, go to school, have an incredibly mundane job, and then die. It’s a somewhat depressing thought for me, especially since I have many, many years of my life left.

This becomes a cycle for me. I go through a period of existential crisis, bring myself out of it, and then plummet back into it when I no longer have anything else to do/think about to distract myself from it and convince myself that I won’t just have a painfully normal and uneventful life. This repeats itself until about a week before school starts.

#6: Lack of Social Activity

In the summer everyone is doing their own thing. Half of the people I know/actually want to hang out with are on vacation while I’m just sitting here at home scrolling through Tumblr for hours. I only interact with my family members, which is quite boring because it’s only myself and my parents at home. I constantly miss human contact and conversations with my friends…they just aren’t the same over text.

#7: The Internet

Going along with #6, I spend almost all of my time on the internet during the summer. I constantly feel like I have nothing to do and because I always have my laptop and cell phone in front of me, the allure of the internet just draws me in. The internet is great when you have nothing else to do because you can waste hours on the internet without a lot of mental effort. I don’t necessarily hate having the internet, since it’s such a huge part of my life, but it can be a huge distraction from real life.


These are just a select few of the reasons why I dislike the summer….I’ll probably post something incredibly similar in the winter.

At least I have this blog to spend time on this year, hopefully it’ll occupy enough of my summer to keep me sane.

Till next time,



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